comfort controls

Manage your energy consumption.

With 80% of house hold energy losses being directly related to heating it has never been a better time to consider regulation and control of energy throughout your home.

With the correct planning of your heating system Openfield technology are able to monitor and control energy consumption by putting you in control of where heating and cooling is required within rooms and zones.

Traditionally heating systems have a single thermostat, often incorrectly placed, at a location in the home where a set point can be selected. When the temperature falls below the set point the boiler turns on at full power and continues to heat until the temperature rises above the desired level. The boiler then turns off until the temperature falls below the set point and the process repeats itself.

The issues surrounding this method are that:

  • a. There is no method of monitoring temperature on a room basis.

  • b. There is no ability to alter a room’s temperature depending on occupancy during the course of a day, resulting in a mass loss of energy.

  • c. The only method of turning off the heating in a room is to physically go to the room and manually turn off the radiator.

  • If you have three children that are at school all day is there any need to heat their rooms until an hour before they arrive home? Likewise at night you may want the bedrooms to be heated and the rest of the house to be set back to a much lower temperature until an hour before you wake.

    Through intelligent design and control of heating systems we can create multiple heating profiles for your home greatly reducing your energy consumption and accumulatively saving you money.

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