lighting controls

With the correct design and implementation, lighting systems can bring a space to life giving it a feeling and character of its own, the importance of which can so easily be overlooked. It is our view that poor lighting will make your room not live up to your expectations when carrying out a complete refurbishment or general improvements to your home.

We design and install lighting control systems from KNX and Lutron offering increased value, flexibility and control that far outweights traditional lighting installations.

We work closely with lighting designers to ensure perfect harmony is created in each lighting scene / mood which are recalled from keypads located within rooms in place of traditional wall switches and dimmers.

Lighting systems bring other great benefits. Your home may be switched to night, away or off modes from a single button on keypads placed at ergonomic locations across your home.

Imagine leaving your home in a hurry and being able to press a button as you leave through the door and know all the lights are off or set to your requirements. Equally when you return after dark a single button press may light corridors, doorways and rooms without the need for fumble in the dark. The same applies to turning your home off before bed, no longer do you need to go through the laborious process of wearily checking each room, a keypad located at the side of your bed can do all of this in a single push. Security / presence lights on, hallway lights dimmed and all unused rooms are off...

Lighting control systems can also bring great peace of mind whilst you are away from home by simulating occupancy. The system can monitor your usage and movements across your home over a monthly period and record these to be recalled when you are away. This is easily initiated by a button located by the entrance to your home and whilst you are away.

A symbiosis of technology and traditional expectations may be met.

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